Aspire Music Video Shoot

We had a great day yesterday in Millburn Coleraine, shooting Aspire Media’s first Music video.

The weather was great and our actors really worked hard all afternoon. The music video is due for public release at the Cornfield open day if you would like to come along contact Millburn Community Association of Focus on Family for more details. We are also offering OCN accredited courses for anyone interested in working in the creative industries.

Here are some photos from the shoot:

Local musician and actor Andy John Bradford rehearses vocals for his new track ‘The Golden Watch’ as part of the music video shoot


Aspiring actors Jacob and Zachary Wallace ready for their first scene recording on location in Millburn

Director Andy and Producer Robert Campbell discussing the composition of the shot

George and Lucy help out while learning on the job! Both are very keen to get involved with the Aspire media project

Andy surveys the scene before going for a ‘take’

The boys do a ‘run past’ as part of the music video narrative

Then they tackle Andy the road sweeper and try to wrestle his broom away

Finally they run off along Maple Way sent off by Andy while Zachary manages to flip the peace sign on the way past. Great finish to a good days work. Well done everyone!

Aspire Music Video Shoot
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