Training & Mentoring

Training & Mentoring

The Breen Centre is a perfect location to host our diverse range of training programmes both indoors and outdoors. We will also deliver at our client’s premises or other suitable locations, locally, nationally or internationally.  

We also provide bespoke mentoring services to support new and existing organisations who require help to set up a new organisation or who just require practical help to develop a new aspect of their group or organisation.  

We also provide mentoring services to the public sector to help develop appropriate responses for community sector organisations.  


Bespoke training and mentoring programmes include: 

  • Creative Industries 
  • Community Capacity Building 
  • Community Development  
  • Social Justice  
  • Peace building and Conflict Transformation  
  • Community Safety 
  • Economic and Enterprise Development  
  • Good Relations Training  
  • Good Governance for Community Organisations  
  • Sustainability and Social Return on Investment 
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