Musically Unorthodox Project

New Online Music Training available with International Partners

Breen Centre, in collaboration with InMusic InMedia and The Progressive Academy have launched a series of online training programmes focused in the East Midland area of England. 

The project called ‘Musically Unorthodox’  offers participants the opportunity to learn and create music production of their choice (full song, beats, lyrics, DJ production or loop sampling and beatboxing).

The project was initially funded by ‘Youth Music’ and the current offer is for local authorities to support people in their personal development through music.

We hope to offer the courses to groups/individuals in N Ireland through our ConnectivityNI initiative and if you would be interested in participating with us please use the website contact to get in touch ASAP as we are currently planning activities in N Ireland for 2022.

More information on the project can be accessed here: 

Online Music Course | Rapping, DJ Skills & More – Musically Unorthod


Musically Unorthodox Project
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