Connectivity NI

(Lets) Connect – a digital community connectivity project

Aim: to engage and support communities, families, caregivers and isolated individuals using accessible digital communications technology through online training offering positive, creative solutions to technical, social, cultural and educational re-connectivity challenges during and after the Covid19 pandemic 

Why: We believe the current global situation offers communities in Northern Ireland an opportunity to address and overcome previous social, cultural and political differences and to re-emerge from the pandemic having helped create new networks of communication, collaboration and co-operation toward peace, reconciliation and economic stability in N Ireland.   

How:       Connectivity – using Microsoft TEAMS and web-based activities 
               Positivity – by providing supportive communication and practical online assistance
                Creativity – through collaborative online events, workshops, engagement  
                Education – by offering training and guidance for the new digital economy 

Vision: to develop a comprehensive strategy to enhance digital literacy teaching and learning in underserved communities and to increase the capacity of communities to support the current and future challenges through a developing network of online support via the Reconnect project

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