Produce and Evaluate a marketing Plan for Creative Enterprise

A successful creative business is built on three things:

1. A clear definition of success as shared by the owner/s, based on their vision and values. This becomes a compass to help them decide the direction of business development and the most appropriate business strategy. Know clearly where you are going.

2. An objective assessment and understanding of the competitive advantage of the business in relation to its rivals. In other words a focus on the particular goods or services the business can produce better than all (or most) rivals. To do this you need to research and evaluate the competition that exists in the area you are planning to engage.

3. Concentrating only on those customers who want the things at which the business can excel in relation to rivals. This means deciding which customers are NOT appropriate and positively avoiding them in order to focus resources in a laser-like way on ideal customers. Communicate effectively and strategically using the three M’s of marketing – Market, Message and Medium!

In this way, creative entrepreneurs can unleash their creativity without compromise and achieve commercial success.

Design your own creative marketing plan and present it for group discussion and peer evaluation then evidence these activities as part of your ongoing creative portfolio.

Produce and Evaluate a marketing Plan for Creative Enterprise